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Probuilt Testostrogain, 252 cap.



Years of research in testosterone enhancement have gone into Testostrogain by ProBuilt Nutrition. This multifaceted anabolic stack combines some of the most potent testosterone stimulators known. The ingredients in Testostrogain all work toward achieving the same common goal— increased testosterone. Each component of Testostrogain uses different mechanisms and channels to achieve this outcome. The result is an explosively potent synergistic blend that stands in a league all by itself. Testostrogain has been scientifically engineered to include the following ingredients:

Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus Terrestris, is a herb used by numerous European Olympic athletes. Extensive clinical research demonstrates its ability to boost levels of the male hormone testosterone. One particular study has shown that free form testosterone levels in healthy men could be increased by a significant 30% or more, within just 5 days! Scientists assert tribulus terrestris enhances testosterone levels by stimulating the increase of luteinizing hormone (LH). LH is a gonad stimulating hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland which “turns on” natural testosterone production. Testostrogain delivers a whopping 500mg dose of pure Bulgarian tribulus terrestris per tablet. Standardized to 45% saponins of furostanol type, Testostrogain contains the most potent and effective variety of tribulus terrestris available today!

Hawthorn Berry
Hawthorn Berry extract has been added to dramatically increase the anabolic effects of tribulus terrestris. Recent scientific research has availed that various flavonoid components within hawthorn berry inhibit phosphodieterase – the enzyme that breaks down cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). The result is increased cAMP accumulation in cells. This is important because cAMP is an intracellular second messenger of luteinizing hormone (LH) — the hormone tribulus terrestris so effectively stimulates in order to raise testosterone levels. That’s right — although tribulus terrestris by itself is effective, combining it with hawthorn berry extract considerably increases its impact by boosting the effectiveness of LH.

Chrysin, also known as Flavone X, is a type of isoflavone molecule that enhances testosterone production by minimizing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, a process which occurs naturally in our bodies and accelerates as testosterone levels go up. A compound with this type of activity is called an “anti-aromatase”. Furthermore, chrysin helps prevent the pituitary gland from stopping the body’s natural production of testosterone. Scientific studies demonstrate that estrogen production in subjects decreased by as much as 92%, others show increased testosterone concentrations in excess of 30%. Moreover, in -vitro experiments comparing the aromatase-inhibitory effects of chrysin, head-to-head with the prescription drug Cytadren, show almost identical excessive cortisol, a hormone responsible for muscle tissue breakdown. Combining generous doses of Chrysin to these other testosterone boosting ingredients makes for an exponentially more powerful product.

Saw Palmetto
The active constituents in saw palmetto extract inhibit testosterone-5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the ineffective (non-anabolic) compound that is responsible for many of the undesirable side-effects seen from steroid use. In addition, a double-blind placebo-controlled study showed that saw palmetto actually has anti-estrogenic effect.

Nettle Root
Nettle root extract (Urtica dioica) has recently been documented to dramatically increase free form testosterone levels in the bloodstream. New European research reveals that an extract of nettle root can interfere with the sex hormone binding globulins (SHBG) binding process by almost 10-fold. In fact, in vitro studies indicate that certain lignans contained in nettle root have binding affinity to SHBG. This, in turn, interferes with the binding of testosterone to the SHBG (That is, there is nowhere for testosterone molecules to attach). Consequently, the amount of free form testosterone (the active testosterone form that is responsible for increased muscle and strength) available for the body is increased.

Avena Sativa
Avena Sativa, also known as oat straw extract, contains alkaloids and saponins which are known for their anabolic effect. The results of a six week double blind study using 40 subjects demonstrate the effectiveness of an avena sativa/nettle combination. Using urine samples as an indicator, researchers confirmed that the testosterone levels of men and women participating in the experiment increased by an average of 105%. Numerous studies confirm that this combination leads to an increase of aerobic power and muscular strength, in addition to enhanced testosterone levels.

Cucurbita Pepo
Cucurbita pepo, more simply known as the pumpkin seed extract, contains chemicals called cucurbitacins that help to prevent the transformation of testosterone into the ineffective chemical dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As a natural source of zinc, Cucurbita pepo also helps to optimize the production of testosterone.

Estrogen metabolism in our bodies can take one of two routes: the estradiol 16-alpha hydroxylation pathway, which leaves the hormone still active, or the estradiol 2-alpha hydroxylation pathway (often referred to as the “healthy pathway”), which neutralized the hormone completely. Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) directs estrogen metabolism through the latter of the two pathways thereby enabling the reduction of estrogen.

Daidzein is an iso-flavone shown to have anti-oxidant characteristics. Testostrogain includes daidzein to maximize and maintain free testosterone levels in your blood longer and to help prevent its conversion into estrogen.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid, a safe and effective insulin-mimicker, is included to promote cellular nutrient absorption. One potential problem with oral supplementation is that quite often some of the precious nutrients are not absorbed by your body. One of alpha lipoic acid’s functions is to enhance the bioavailablity of nutrients consumed with it, thereby allowing for more effective absorption of key hormone producing nutrients. In addition, this potent antioxidant protects against both water-and fat-soluble free radicals.

Maximizing the amount of testosterone is the first step to achieving awesome gains. The second, and extremely crucial step, is maintaining steady continuous states of testosterone in the bloodstream. Although this is difficult because most dietary supplements (unlike many drugs) have a very short “half-life” (they can enter and exit the system in a matter of hours), it is essential to prevent temporary spikes in testosterone levels from occurring. Once the receptor sites are stimulated with increased testosterone, they need to be continuously and steadily fed testosterone so that they remain as sensitive as possible and maximum gains can be made. If you jolt the system with numerous testosterone spikes, the receptor sites quickly become desensitized to the elevated hormone, rendering the supplement useless. Testostrogain has been scientifically engineered with a timed released action in order to ensure steady, continuous states of elevated testosterone for more effective anabolic results.


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